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Diamond Engagement Ring

For those who have not been to Birmingham yet, there is a famous area of the city which is known as Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. It is a place where wedding dreams come true. There are thousands of different weddings rings in different forms and shapes. There are more than 30,000 workers in the area who work in the field of jewellery and produce new models of engagement rings every day. In addition, there are around 300 big and small businesses whose major concern is jewelry production. The goods produced there are authentic and there are many handmade pieces which can be found for a reasonable price. Moreover, there are some world famous manufacturers of jewelry that have their own factories and shops in this district diamond rings .

Getting ready for the wedding
Since the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham offers different possibilities about getting married in this area, there are lot of cafés and restaurants which provide cozy and sophisticated atmosphere. Once you get there, the first thing you need to do is to choose the perfect diamond engagement ring for your fiancée. Another step is the wedding ring. Couples are able to choose their favorite type from the sea of diamond wedding rings. Moreover, the quarter offers free jewelry lessons to all its customers, so the couples can even broaden their knowledge for free. Once all these details are done, the future bride and groom can choose the place of the wedding reception, as well as the flowers and the photographer diamond ring .

Types of rings
If we consider the capacity of the quarter’s manufacturers, it is not surprising at all that there are numerous different types of rings. Nowadays, the most famous type are the trilogy rings which are actually sets of rings of engagements, wedding rings and a men’s ring. This is the most suitable alternative, since it has a very reasonable price. Moreover, there are princess cut diamond rings as well as platinum engagement rings. The list goes on with different shapes of rings such as oval, princess, round, pear, heart, emerald, marquise, cushion, asscher and radiant type. Another possible way of selecting the rings is according to the carat weight of the diamond diamond engagement rings .

Book an appointment
Although this quarter of the city is an open area which can be visited by everyone, there are many stores which require booking an appointment if you want to see their pieces of jewelry. Every single store has its own web page and prior to going there in person; buyers can research the ring collections from their homes. There are few things that should be filled in the booking application form. First of all, customers decide on the date and the time of the visit. Then, they answer some questions connected with the jewelry, such as information about the type of jewelry that the customer is interested in, as well as the carat weight of the diamond. In addition, there are even web sites which ask information about the customer’s budget and their name, address and telephone number diamond engagement ring .